Songwriting Competition winners and winner of James Whitworth Award

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Here’s a short update of what’s been happening at Whitworftrust so far this year. We’ve had two nervous but excited young musicians in the studio recording their winning songs from the Whitworftrust songwriting competition. First up was Kade with his song I’m A Creator. Kade had rehearsed his tune well and was quickly able to lay down his guitar parts. Despite worries about his voice breaking a couple of weeks before the recording session, his vocals also went down without a hitch. Later we added some drums and bass to give Kade’s excellent track the punch that it deserved.

Listen to Kade’s track here

A throat infection and some doctors’ advice meant that Ella’s session was postponed to give her the chance to sound her best for the big day. Arriving with parents and music teacher in tow (and cake), we were treated to Ella’s dulcit tones all afternoon plus some competent piano playing. As well as recording her composition, Ella also took advantage of the studio time to record some performances for her GCSEs for which Corinne provided accompaniment.

Listen to Ella’s winning track Gone here and another track she recorded called Forget Me Not here

Both Kade and Ella conducted themselves professionally throughout the sessions and should be very proud of what they have achieved. I hope this gives them some valuable experience and the confidence to continue with the music that they so clearly have a passion for, and that their friends and family recognise the hard work that has gone into the skill and creativity of being a musician.